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Effects of Fire on Concrete Structures

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This week’s highway structure collapse in Atlanta should highlight the concept that concrete and masonry may be “non-combustible”, but it cannot be considered completely fire-proof. Often, I run into individuals who believe that because their building is of steel or masonry construction, this means it is not particularly susceptible to heavy damage from a fire. […]

Fire in Water-Based Paint Operations

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Earlier this week, a fire was reported in a Pennsylvania manufacturing plant’s paint booth system. While this may not seem out of the ordinary, the key thing to note here is that this was in a system that was used to apply water-based paint materials. Often when fire officials analyze the hazards presented by a […]

Bigger harvesting machines mean bigger fires

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   Earlier in the week, I shared a photo posting on Facebook of a combine fire that occurred in a Minnesota soybean field. The season is in full swing in many parts of the country, and these types of fires are occurring more and more as the season progresses. Silage harvest is wrapping up in […]

Harvest season means fire season in many communities

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Harvest season has been in full swing across much of the Corn Belt for several weeks. And with this surge of activity, typically comes an increase in the number of fires we see in harvesting equipment and grain handling facilities. This year has been no exception. In the past few weeks, many fires relating to […]

Fire rips through Missouri biodiesel plant

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  A biodiesel plant in central Missouri went up in flames this week, shooting flames “taller than the town’s grain elevator”. Biodiesel is a renewable fuel that can be manufactured from vegetable oils, animal fats, or recycled greases. Soybeans are often used to supply an oil product (though this can also include other oil grains […]

Multiple businesses damaged in fire; several factors work against firefighters

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Firefighters had to shuttle in water to put out a massive fire that destroyed two businesses and caused damage to a third near Holland. Michigan on Wednesday morning. The fire seems to have originated in a plastic grinding machine at Trin Polymers. Not only was an available firefighting water supply an issue, but Olive Township […]

Using Your Crystal Ball

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Does your size-up typically look beyond the moment you arrive? With a good working fire, this may be an obvious part of a response. But what about for those responses where we arrive and believe there to be no fire? If nothing is burning, is there really anything to size-up? While a good size-up should […]

Fire flares when equipment opened at Iowa feed plant

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A fire at an Iowa feed plant Tuesday demonstrates why firefighters must be cautious and consider the effects of every action when dealing with fires in compartmented areas of manufacturing equipment. Reports stated that a fire occurred within a cooling tower, and upon firefighters opening the tower, the fire flared up. Fires within pelleting operations […]

Firefighter killed, hundreds evacuated after ammonia leak at meat processing plant

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This past week, a firefighter was killed and 20 people were injured after an ammonia leak at a meat processing plant in Israel. The leak occurred at the Hod Hefer processing plant at Emek Hefer industrial zone north of Netanya. The incident forced the evacuation of over a hundred people from the surrounding area. Some […]

Not Just Another Cause?

When we stop to consider what constitutes an incident that’s “not just another fire,” I’m sure the first thing to come to mind for most of us isn’t the cause and origin. However, we sometimes need to be thinking outside the box when we review facilities, both in our investigation and our inspection modes. A […]

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