Four injured in Indiana grain elevator explosion

Emergency crews responded this morning to a grain elevator explosion shortly before 10 a.m. EDT in the town of LaCrosse, in northwestern Indiana.

Photos show that a concrete grain elevator, approximately 175 feet tall, suffered severe structural damage in the blast.

Reports indicate that four people were hurt, but none of the injuries were life-threatening and consisted mostly of burns. A medivac helicopter was called to the scene to transport at least one person.

Photo by WLS ABC7 Chicago

If you have previously followed our discussions here, you know that combustible dust processes present a very high risk for explosion. This includes many types of industries, but specifically includes any sort of grain handling and milling facilities.

Reports state that residents in the area of this incident reported hearing two explosions, which is very common in a combustible dust related incident. Often, an initial “acoustic event,” such as a small explosion or other vibration event shakes a structure, lofting combustible dust into suspension. Secondary explosions then occur when additional dust accumulation is stirred and creates an explosive concentration in suspension.

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