Plane crashes into Florida warehouse, causes fire in explosives storage


A small plane crashed into a warehouse in Lakeland Thursday morning causing a massive fire, according to the FAA. Two people were on the plane.

The crash occurred around 8:20 a.m. at 5300 Allen K Breed Highway, a former plastics factory.

The building is owned by Key Safety Systems which manufactures automotive components. It was being used to store chemicals and powdered aluminum. It was unoccupied at the time of the crash and fire.

One of the chemicals is Nitroguanidine, which is used in automotive airbags. When dry, it is explosive. Because of the chemicals, firefighters were not able to enter the building after the blaze was contained. Hazmat crews were on the scene.

“Our firefighters have not gone in to recover any patients or bodies at this point because of the chemicals in there being so explosive,” explained Janell Vasallo, with Lakeland Fire Rescue.

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