Deaths at TV factory emphasize need for hazard awareness

Do you have a manufacturing facility in your first-due area that makes seemingly benign products? What could ever be deadly in a plant that makes household electronics?

An incident that occurred this week in South Korea emphasizes why it is very important for those working in these facilities to understand the implications of every action they take and to recognize and understand process hazards that could potentially cause serious injury or death. And that goes for emergency personnel who could find themselves making a response into such a facility.

Two people have been killed during an accident at an LG factory in South Korea.

The two men were carrying out routine maintenance when they were suffocated by a nitrogen leak in the room in which they worked.

In a statement LG said that four other workers were affected by the leak but their injuries were not life-threatening.

LG expressed regret over the incident and said it had begun an investigation.

In its statement, LG said the nitrogen leak occurred at a factory known as “P8” that is in Paju city north of Seoul, that makes LCD screens for large TV sets. The factory is believed to have the world’s largest production line, making display panels for LCD and OLED TVs.

Nitrogen is used to wash the display panels during manufacturing.

LG said the accident was a “”terrible tragedy” and added that it was “working to uncover the exact sequence of events” that led to the deaths.

via BBC News – Two dead in LG TV factory accident.

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