Happy New Year!

I want to take a moment to wish you all a Happy New Year. I hope you had a great Christmas season and enjoyed time with family and friends throughout the holidays.

You may have noticed that other responsibilities have pulled me away from this page and my site in the past month or two. It seems we get so much happening in our lives, and sometimes there are things that just have to take a back burner, whether we like it or not. Year-end activity for my day job kept me hopping, and I had some unexpected family challenges. Beyond that, about two weeks ago, I sat for the Certified Safety Professional exam and successfully earned my designation. This was a long road of several years, which culminated with several weeks of doing nothing but studying prior to my test date. Once that was behind me, I slipped into decompression mode and just kicked back to enjoy the holiday season.

I have several items on tap for the coming year. One of my key goals is to get more user feedback and input on the items we share here on the site. I try to share things here, as well as on the Facebook page and on Twitter. Sometimes one form of media just works out better for me than another. If you are not following in all three locations, you may be missing some important information. If you have an incident of your own, or if you run across an incident that you think would be good for sharing and discussion on Not Just Another Fire, please send me an email, Facebook message, or tweet it to me.

I look forward to sharing much more with you in the near future, and as always, I appreciate all of your interest and support!

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