Not Just Another Cause?

When we stop to consider what constitutes an incident that’s “not just another fire,” I’m sure the first thing to come to mind for most of us isn’t the cause and origin. However, we sometimes need to be thinking outside the box when we review facilities, both in our investigation and our inspection modes.

A fire last week in England was traced back to an electric fly killer that seems to have not only killed the flies, but actually got them to smoldering before they dropped out of the appliance to combustible materials below. In fact, the investigation revealed that the appliance was in use in a roof space, where the fire appears to have originated.

When you do inspections or pre-plans of facilities in your area, do you consider all of the possibilities for things to go wrong, in terms of what all could provide a source of ignition? Do you check attic and roof spaces to ensure that any equipment in these areas is approved and listed for the particular use?


Crathorne Hall fire ‘started by dead flies’

Dead flies were the most likely cause of a fire at a Grade II-listed hotel, the fire service has said.

Crathorne Hall in Yarm was badly damaged by the blaze on 1 October, which started in the roof space of the east wing.

An investigation by North Yorkshire Fire Service has now revealed that it was started accidentally.

The most probable cause was smouldering flies from an electrical fly killer dropping onto flammable material below.

As a result of damage to the popular wedding venue a number of couples were forced to rearrange their nuptials.

Repairs are now under way and managers said they hoped the hotel would be reopened in about a month.

North Yorkshire Fire Service said in a statement: “Following investigations into the cause of the fire at Crathorne we consider the most probable cause of the fire to be an electric fly killer in the roof space of the east wing of the hotel.

“Whilst other possible causes cannot be fully eliminated we are confident that the cause of the fire was accidental.”



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