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Police investigate Mordialloc factory fire

Investigations are underway into the cause of a multi-million dollar fire at a Mordialloc fibreglass company which makes parts for trucks. The Bolwell factory in Wells Road went up in flames shortly after 6am. It took 80 firefighters about 90 minutes to bring the blaze under control. Ken Crouch, who has been with the company […]

Explosion at Canadian warehouse injures 4 firefighters

A powerful explosion at a Mississauga warehouse came without warning on Wednesday morning, injuring a group of firefighters who were trying to make their way inside. It was just after 4:30 a.m. ET when firefighters were alerted to the fire at an industrial warehouse located at 2797 Thamesgate Dr., just north of Toronto Pearson International […]

Oil tank explosions in TX

Four firefighters and four Traditions Oil & Gas employees received an unpleasant surprise this morning when a second explosion occurred at the scene of lsat night’s oil tank battery explosion just east of Borger. “I thought the headline of today’s paper was going to be ‘Eight dead after an explosion, after a tank battery explosion,” […]

Firefighters were unaware warehouse contained explosive materials

Four firefighters were injured in a fire and subsequent explosion today at a warehouse in Mississauga, Ont., where butane lighters, aerosol cans of insect spray and other goods are stored. Firefighters were alerted to a fire at an industrial warehouse at 2797 Thamesgate Dr., in Malton, just north of Toronto Pearson International Airport, at about […]

WY natural gas plant fire forces town evacuation

An explosion at a Southwestern Wyoming natural gas processing plant Wednesday afternoon forced the evacuation of a nearby town, a precautionary step for fear the fire could have escalated, an emergency official said. Jay Hokanson, Lincoln County emergency management coordinator, said no injuries were reported in relation to the explosion and subsequent fire. Hokanson said […]

11 burned in explosion, fire; 2 in critical condition

LA HABRA – Saul Acevedo was working at a La Habra chrome-polishing plant Tuesday morning when he felt a huge explosion followed by a wave of intense heat. Acevedo, 45, of Anaheim, was near the entrance and ran outside as smoke quickly filled the air. Moments later, he saw that some of his co-workers had […]

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