Transformer catches fire at Duke Energy plant

ST. PETERSBURG (FOX 13) – A transformer fire early Monday morning caused damage at the Duke Energy plant on Weedon Island.

It broke out just after midnight, and we’re told as many as 60 firefighters responded to the scene by 2 a.m. Officials say it was an electrical fire in one of four transformers at the plant.

The fire marshal is on scene conducting an investigation and said there were no injuries. But the situation really got concerning when firefighters received word that about 300 gallons of oil had spilled at the site.

There was one initial fire, and then other hot spots flared up, officials said. At 5:30 a.m., the fire marshal said everything was under control. There’s no word from Duke Energy right now.

Investigators will likely be out there all morning. It’s unclear how this might affect operations at the plant. Some of the firefighters were already being removed from the scene.

There were no reported power outages as a result of the fire, but a statement from Duke Energy said there was “substantial damage.”

via Transformer catches fire at Duke Energy plant – FOX 13 News.

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