Hazardous material spills in CA industrial fire

Hazardous material spilled during a fire Tuesday morning, Feb. 18, that damaged machinery in a warehouse in Riverside, according to a fire official.

The motor for a heavy piece of machinery used in fabricating metal parts caught fire about 7 a.m. at 796 Palmyrita Avenue, according to Riverside Fire Department Battalion Chief Steve McKinster.

When crews arrived and opened a large rear garage door, they found the building flooded with smoke, the chief said.

“(They encountered) heavy smoke all the way down to the floor so firefighters had to go in on their hands and knees to find the fire,” McKinster said.

Firefighters discovered the source of the smoke was a blaze that caught in the machine but was extinguished by the overhead sprinklers before they arrived.

During the fire, the machine overflowed with nickel acid, a chemical used in their manufacturing process, but it spilled only into an area designed to contain the fluid in just such an incident, McKinster said.

An hour after the fire, crews were using large fans to blow air through the front doors, which were marked “A & A Plating,” and handling the hazardous material.

via RIVERSIDE: Hazardous material spills in industrial fire (UPDATE).

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