VIDEO: Firefighters battle large HAZMAT fire after Livonia industrial building engulfed by flames

LIVONIA (WXYZ) – The Livonia Fire Department battled a massive warehouse fire that started around 7:30 this morning.

An industrial building on the 12000 block of Sears was engulfed in flames. It’s located near Merriman and Plymouth Roads.

Multiple explosions could be heard in succession at the scene of ERG Environmental.

The building is a recycling plant for hazardous material. Several hazardous chemicals were inside at the time of the fire.

Merriman Road between Plymouth and Schoolcraft was closed. Traffic was being diverted from the area.

It took fire crews minutes to get to the scene and within 15 to 20 minutes the plant was fully engulfed.

Once it was put out, crews checked neighboring area for air quality. They said the readings came back fine because the wind blew all the chemicals in the air away quickly.

There were concerns about the water used to fight the fire mixing with the chemicals inside the building and running off into storm drains. Those drains lead to the Rouge River.

According to the Livonia Fire Chief, 600,000 gallons of water used to fight the fire per minute mixed with chemicals was sent down the drains.

The Livonia Fire Department is working downstream with HAZMAT specialists to check manhole covers and find out where the oils and paints are heading.

Workers from Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Environmental Quality are in the area to make sure the run off does not get into the Rouge River.

The fire chief told 7 Action News crews will be working into the night and have a plan in place of contaminated water gets into the river.

Several officials including the Livonia mayor were grateful for the assistance they received from neighboring fire departments as they battled the dangerous chemical fire.

via VIDEO: Firefighters battle large HAZMAT fire after Livonia industrial building engulfed by flames.

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