Australian factory fire has been put out more than 28 hours after it started

FIRE crews worked tirelessly for more than 28 hours to put out a blaze at a factory in Chipping Norton.

Emergency services were called to the tyre and plastics factory on Governor Macquarie Drive about 3.35am on Sunday.

The last remnants of the fire were put out this morning at 8am.

No one was in the building at the time of the blaze and no one was injured.

Sharni Dickson, 20, was with a group of friends at a house only two minutes down the road when she saw the blaze.

“We were worried it was a house fire and people inside might have needed help so we raced straight down there,” Miss Dickson said.

“We were the first ones there and we called the police straight away.”

Miss Dickson said she saw at least three explosions and could feel the heat from the blaze.

“There were things flying around everywhere, the smoke was so black,” she said.

“It was really horrible”

The building has been severely damaged but not completely destroyed.

The cause of the blaze is unknown but investigations are continuing.

Meanwhile, two girls have been charged with lighting a grass fire in Bonnyrigg on Friday.

Police were patrolling the Bonnyrigg area about 12.40pm on Friday when they were told two girls had been seen lighting fires.

Witnesses told the officers the girls were seen starting a blaze at a reserve that runs between the T-way, Elizabeth Drive and Smithfield Rd.

When the officers arrived at the reserve, they allegedly saw two girls fleeing.

The blaze, which covered between 20 and 30 metres squared, was contained by fire crews.

The girls, 12 and 13, were arrested, charged and will face court on December 4.

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