Water supply issues hamper crews at Australian recycling plant fire

Metropolitan Fire Services have once more been hampered by poor water supplies in the Dry Creek area with crews having to run supply hoses over one kilometre to attempt to extinguish a fire at a recycling plant.

MFS incident controller commander Peter Reynolds told 891 Breakfast it was the third time crews had faced the issue within 18 months.

Commander Reynolds said crews would be on the scene of the fire until late tonight whilst they attempt to extinguish the contained fire.

“At this stage it is approximately 10,000 square metres and that is within both mulch and rubble piles, with some of the rubble piles in excess of 10 to 15 metres in height.”

Commander Reynolds said cold and wet overnight conditions had aided the fire crews, with hopes to bring excavation equipment on site today to dig out and extinguish hotspots in the fire.

Crews began sourcing water from wetlands approximately one kilometre away from the scene after local water pressure proved too poor to be used.

“There are tanks on location here, but based on the size of the fire, that only provided a limited capacity to fire fighting crews.

“It certainly made our operations very, very difficult.”

Crews had previously attended fires in the area in October 2012 and February 2013 and faced similar issues with water pressure and supplies.

Port Adelaide-Enfield mayor Gary Johanson said the problem was completely unacceptable and called on the state government to provide funding to build infrastructure in the area.

“It has to happen.

“I’ve got no doubt that those great agencies like the EPA and Safework that will put a lot of pressure on the government,” Mayor Johanson said.

“It’s about time that something positive happened down there and these sort of essential services were put on.”

via Water supply issues hamper crews as Dry Creek recycling plant fire burns for second day – ABC Adelaide – Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

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