CA recycling plant fire involves hundreds of railroad ties

STOCKTON – “The problem is you got all these railroad ties. It’s a dump, that’s not a legal dump.”

Frank Alegre owns a recycling yard just across the street from this pile of rail yard ties—burned in yesterday’s fire.

“The ties have creosote. I told them one of these days they’re going to blow up,” said Alegre.

And sure enough, Alegre says, the ties, soaked in flammable grease called creosote, were up in flames yesterday.

Alegre claims he’s contacted the city of Stockton for years, trying to get these moved.

“That property belongs to the railroad. As long as I’ve been on the job here, 18 years,” said Stockton Fire Department Battalion Chief Van Riviere.

So why are they just left here?

FOX40 found out this property belongs to one of the largest railway companies in the United States, called BNSF.

They told FOX40 “Since it is our property, we can store whatever materials we want. BNSF is in the process of moving the ties, we hauled 3,000 to be shipped out of area prior to yesterday’s fire.”

And the fire department says the fire didn’t start here.

Alegre says the ties helped to fuel this fire and should not be here.

“Years ago I told them it’s a fire hazard, it’s a dump,” Alegre said.

via Neighbors Worried About Stockton Recycling Plant Fire | KTXL FOX40.

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