Company employees help contain industrial fire in WV plant

WILSONBURG — Employees at Ronald Lane Pipeline Construction kept an industrial fire from getting out of control Tuesday afternoon, a fire official said.

The company occupies the back section of the Precision Coil building on Wilsonburg Road. It is believed the fire was started by a spark from a welder located nearby.

“We arrived on scene, and employees were trying to put out the fire with a pressure washer. They contained it a lot,” Reynoldsville Assistant Chief Mike Gallo said. “We had them evacuate as soon as we arrived. About 35 polyurethane-based pigs, used to test pipelines, were on fire.”

Pipeline pigs are devices that are inserted into and travel the length of a pipeline driven by a product flow. They were originally developed to remove deposits which could obstruct or retard flow through a pipeline. Today, pigs are used during all phases in the life of a pipeline for many different reasons, according to officials.

via Company employees help contain industrial fire in Precision Coil building – The Exponent Telegram : Local News.

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