Canadian industrial fire causes $300,000 damage

A fire at automotive plastics supplier A.P. Plasman’s Lakeshore location caused $300,000 worth of damage, according to news reports.

Blackburn Radio reported a robot caught fire at about 5:30 p.m. No one was injured.

Tecumseh Fire and Rescue said that Lakeshore fire stations 1 & 3 were on scene of a commercial industrial fire on Silver Creek Rd. at AP Plasman. The fire department said traffic was congested and urged drivers to avoid the area

Lakeshore fire department Assistant Deputy Chief Rob Mandonca told Blackburn that the fire could have been much worse.

“Considering what we have for this facility, the number of litres of paint. We have a lot of flammable paint, lot of plastic parts in here,” he said. “Without that suppression system, that early warning detection, that they have with the fire alarm system all integrated, yes it could’ve been much worse.”

The cause of the fire is under investigation. There were no injuries.

via Industrial fire causes $300,000 damage: Report | Windsor Star.

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