Factory worker taken to hospital with serious burns following factory fire at Moorooka

AUSTRALIA — A factory worker is in intensive care at Royal Brisbane Hospital with burns to his face and torso after a factory fire in Brisbane’s south this morning.

A firefighter was also injured.

The blaze, at the Fulcrum factory on Evesham St in Moorooka, broke out just after 6am, fire crews rushing to the scene with reports that the highly flammable chemical, methyl keytone, was reported to be on the premises.

The chemical, used as a solvent, is believed to have been locked in a fire-proof cupboard.

Fulcrum production supervisor Chris Baker said he arrived to see the flames.

“Three people were inside,” he said. “When I got here they were just on the other side.”

One man in his 30s, described as a “long-term, experienced employee” suffered severe chest, head and torso burns. It is also believed he suffered respiratory burns.

 Fulcrum managing director Graham Scudamore-Smith said the Moorooka factory had never had a fire like this.

“They managed to get him out and into a shower,” he said.

“We are prepared for these sorts of things,” he said.

Queensland Fire and Rescue on call inspector Ted Ireland said it was unknown how the fire started.

“On arrival they had a fully involved fire on the upper levels and the placement of our lines have been really good, they were able to knock it out really quick,” he said.

The fire burnt a hole into the factory’s roof and damaged the upper part of the building.

“The guys (factory workers) that were here did really well, they shut everything down and self-evacuated.”

He said fire crews were particularly vigilant at the moment because of the water shortages.

“We’ve got a specialised foam pump that’s been repositioned at Annerley for this sort of event,” Insp Ireland said.

“A lot of things lined up to give us a good outcome.”

Scientific officers are now on site to ensure the chemicals have been contained.



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