Greatness in the making…

Thanks so much for being among the first to check out Not Just Another Fire. As you will see, we are in the infant stages here, but we have great things in store for the site.

Please bear with us for a few weeks while we work to get the site up and really running!

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This website and blog is devoted to the observation and discussion of those firefighting situations where unique circumstances demand special training or knowledge.

Our site focuses on situations around the world where firefighters with both volunteer and career fire departments find themselves in unique response circumstances that are “not just another fire” in terms of the “usual” day-to-day activities. While we acknowledge and emphasize that every fire situation must be treated individually with professionalism and safety, this resource focuses on fires that are obviously different from a dumpster, an automobile, or even that of a straightforward residential fire.

Because many issues presented and discussed will cover all aspects of the fire service, from fires to rescue / medical, members of all emergency services are welcomed. The goal is to provide a place to share news, insight, reflection, and training specifically tailored to those professionals who may have the occasion to provide fire protection and other emergency services.

We enjoy sharing information and promoting constructive discussion and commentary on both the serious and the not-so-serious aspects of the fire service, as it particularly pertains to unique or particularly demanding fire situations.

Fans of this page are encouraged to share stories, photos, video, and other information (either here and/or on the website) that assists in providing insight, training, and case studies for the purposes of training and critique. I hate that I have to say this, but no harassment or bashing will be tolerated. We are all professionals.

All materials and information shared, uploaded, and posted by others to this site will be considered as having been shared with expressed permission to the admins of to share and use in training and other activities.


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